You want good, clean, absorbent wiping rags at a                low price, and you want FREE Delivery. 
                         Is that about right?
Welcome, you have come to the right place!

Here's how it works

Quality: We accept ONLY the best cut and uncut washed cloth material from thrifts, hospitality, and hospitals all across North America. ALL material is closely and rigorously inspected and sorted into 15 product types, then the cloth is cut into CLEAN, ABSORBENT Wiping rags (custom sizes are available). 

Price: At, we are committed to low prices.

for over 30 years we have continuously maintained low overhead costs. 

We have constantly looked for ways to save YOU, our customer, money.

Our flagship 100# Refillable Drum-Of-Rags.

Is Such an innovation 

The concept offers two ways you save big: first, no boxes are needed. Of course you know who ultimately pays for the box!

Second: You actually get more wiping rags! It's the rags you want, NOT cardboard! 

(We can support the concept ONLY in our Delivery Route areas.)

        Is YOUR Ship-to In Our FREE Delivery Area?

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