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for over 30 years we have continuously maintained low overhead costs. 

We have constantly looked for ways to save YOU, our customer, money.

Our flagship 100# Refillable Drum-Of-Rags.

Is Such an innovation 

The concept offers two ways you save big: first, no boxes are needed. of course you know who ultimately pays for the box!

Second: You actually get more wiping rags! Anyway, it's the rags you want, NOT cardboard! 

(We can support the concept ONLY in our Delivery Route areas.)

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  • You get FREE DELIVERY on any size order with a SHIP-TO address within our route delivery area,
  • We sell and Refill the 100# Refillable Drum-Of-Rags ONLY IN OUR FREE ROUTE DELIVERY AREA
Is Your Ship-to In Our Free Delivery Area?